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Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's not always this bad.......well.....

I have been on a job all week and I have to say I'm tired.  Fortunately this is for my favorite client, (beautiful home, fantastic taste, laid back and just a nice person to work with).  But today my daughter Olivia and I spent the day making the panels we will be applying to some of the arches in her home and so even though I normally use a corner section of my kitchen for my studio (temporarily), today when I came into the house after running into town it hit me just how crazy hectic it can be to have a "studio" in my home.......
The table gets pulled out and covered in plastic to work on, sample boards laying around to dry (one is still sitting on the little coffee table in front of the settee) and panels have to be hung from the rafters.  And this picture doesn't even show the furniture piled in front of the opening into the kitchen to keep the little grandson from crawling in and eating the chips of dried plaster that fall on the floor!
I was laying these outside on a large steel table that belongs to the Cowboy but the wind kept kicking up and blowing them onto the ground.  So necessity being the mother of invention I realized if I wrapped a beam with some plastic I could throw them over to dry.  So yes this is what I am walking around to make dinner and breakfast in the morning.  Two more to go.  Olivia will finish them tomorrow for me and we will install Monday and finish the whole dining room Tuesday.  I so love what I do but so often as I'm working I have the voice of a Bouncer yelling at me in my head, "HEY, HEY, TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!!"  If only I could.


  1. On days like that I feel like renting a motel room and not coming home! Soon...soon...it will all be done! ;>) Diana

  2. oh boy ...
    this would make me crazy ... how DO you do it

  3. You are one busy girl, aren't you? But I can tell you love what you do -- and you do it well! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  4. Hey girlfriend......you need a spot to call your studio. (O:(O:(O:
    I'll bet you come up with something!



  5. They look fabulous though.Best of luck.~Cheers Kim

  6. They look beautiful . You should find a place to make your studio in

  7. So funny! Heather and I have been painting in my kitchen because it's so blasted hot here. I have a desk, 2 chairs, a side table, a coffee table, and another student desk all waiting for the final touches. It's driving me nuts!

  8. Looking forward to see the end results..hope you will share with us?
    hugs Colette

  9. Your place still looks inviting even in disarray! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  10. I am totally lovin this! Your home (right now) resembles mine all the time!
    I always have too many projects going and nowhere else to work on them other than in the middle of everything!
    The amazing thig about you though...is your home still looks fab!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I think you need a studio Tamra! Loved seeing the process, especially since I saw the finished product. Beautiful!



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