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Friday, October 1, 2010

Instant Art

I have so many frames with nothing inside them. Just pretty frames waiting for pretty pictures but in the meantime they've been piled up on the floor awaiting a home somewhere in the Barn.  Well yesterday I could take it no longer.  I looked down and saw all the dust that collects around them and decided they had to go up.  I picked a wall and just started hanging them up to get them off the ground but as I kept nailing and hanging the more I liked what I saw.
Soon they will all find homes in other rooms but for now they fill the wall and more importantly are off the ground.
 I found I especially liked layering frames over other frames

 I also moved this little bookcase over underneath to balance it all out.  It also gave me a place to set my little Hotel House Phone
Yes it works.  I love it. No dial so I figure it must be a little courtesy phone, you know a phone that you would pick up to recieve a call already answered by the front desk.  Or maybe it was meant to be picked up and then hit then button a time or two to get the operator to ask for the number you want dialed.

It does tend to sound a little tinny.  
Whenever I answer it and it's the Cowboy he'll always say, "Are you on that little phone in the living room?"
"Yeah, I can tell"
No joke, every time.


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