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Friday, October 1, 2010

Instant Art

I have so many frames with nothing inside them. Just pretty frames waiting for pretty pictures but in the meantime they've been piled up on the floor awaiting a home somewhere in the Barn.  Well yesterday I could take it no longer.  I looked down and saw all the dust that collects around them and decided they had to go up.  I picked a wall and just started hanging them up to get them off the ground but as I kept nailing and hanging the more I liked what I saw.
Soon they will all find homes in other rooms but for now they fill the wall and more importantly are off the ground.
 I found I especially liked layering frames over other frames

 I also moved this little bookcase over underneath to balance it all out.  It also gave me a place to set my little Hotel House Phone
Yes it works.  I love it. No dial so I figure it must be a little courtesy phone, you know a phone that you would pick up to recieve a call already answered by the front desk.  Or maybe it was meant to be picked up and then hit then button a time or two to get the operator to ask for the number you want dialed.

It does tend to sound a little tinny.  
Whenever I answer it and it's the Cowboy he'll always say, "Are you on that little phone in the living room?"
"Yeah, I can tell"
No joke, every time.


  1. ~**~Just beautiful Tamra!! LOVE your little phone too*~~Hugs,Rachel :)

  2. I love your picture frames in waiting idea. I am very familiar with that dust that surrounds things stacked in the floor, against the wall waiting for a home!

    Love the phone too. My Uncle has all sorts of old phones. One is wooden and shaped like a wall mounted payphone with a rotary dial. I love answering that thing.

  3. I love all your empty frames. And... I think you changed your header? Loving it! Your frames? They make a beatiful collage! The little phone is wonderful too! Hugs- Diana

  4. Your frames look lovely hanging together. That phone, I need one of them, that works!

  5. Lovin' that adorable phone, Tamra!!!! Soooo cool!!!! :) And your frames rock that wall!

    xoxo laurie

  6. your little phone is precious!
    I love it!
    I too have a thing for great frames...these really look amazing!
    Have a fab Sunday!

  7. I'm with you...a beautiful frame can be art all by itself. Love the wall vignette you have created.


  8. Again... the cowboy is funny!!
    Timely post for me as just yesterday I took an antique gilt frame to a gallery to have it cut down to fit an anitque oil painting... I'm marrying them! Took me months to find someone- no one wants to touch the project with a pole- apparently it's not easy to do! Hope all your frames find homes soon!



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