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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The things you hear on a construction site

I've heard a lot of different things in the process of working on our house.  Things such as "Oh brother!", "Good grief!", "Uh oh", "You want that switch to go where?!", "Are you sure you want it like that?", "Come on you blasted wire, get in there!" and my never ending personal favorite, "I'm not sure you can do that".

But my favorite thing I've heard I have to say was recently as the saws and drills were going I hear, "Ok, I gotta get outta here right now I have a 2:30 pedicure appointment!"  Not my girls, not my mother and certainly not moi, no it was my dear 75 year old father hurrying out the door to get his tootsies in top shape!

He may look like a regular contractor but his feet are soft as a baby's bottom!



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