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Friday, December 26, 2008


Well we finally did it! We have our permit to move forward and turn this crap shack of a barn (pardon my French) into a home.

We thought we had done our homework before we bought this place but we now know that when the County Building & Planning says "No problem" what they really mean is "No problem for us but we can't guarantee that for you". Shortly after applying for our permit we were informed, contrary to what they previously told us, that we would have to make many unnecessary and expensive alterations to the property and structure one of them being the need to raise the entire 3800 sq ft structure 3 feet above ground. And the fight was on! So after a long and exhausting battle I can proudly yet somewhat feebly say "We won!" No septic replacement, no energy calcs, no floor framing plan, no internal fire sprinklers, no replacing the roof and exterior cedar shingles and no raising this behemoth above ground!

Now the real work begins. I'll be uploading pictures from start to finish so everyone can experience the insanity with us.


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