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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Barn Doors: Door #1

The door to the guest bath is done. Here's the before:

And here's the after.  Big improvement from plain white in my opinion.

A little faux woodgrain goes a long way.  Much richer and goes well with the rest of the room.  Anxious for the trim to go up so I can paint the jamb to match.
I added an architecural ornament for a little extra elegance.

Just a little somthin' pretty

The little deadbolt lock above the handle is from London and says "VACANT" or "ENGAGED" .  The English are so proper.

"Barn Doors" #2 comin' up!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Barn Guest Bathroom

Well I finally tackled the toilet room of our guest bathroom. Originally this room was going to be red.  I really wanted a red room somewhere in the house and I thought this one was perfect, but my daughter Cait got tired of waiting and she had leftover brown paint from her room so she just painted it Chocolate brown one day.
I didn't mind, I figured it would be just temporary and I did like to finally see some color in there.  But over the last few months the color really grew on me.  I liked it.  It's a really good deep brown, very rich and warm, so I deciced to make it work.  So what to do?  I did the ceiling in metallic gold and then keeping with the Italian theme from the entry or sinkroom, I decided on a wainscoat of Sienna marble with a crumbled stone border with a hand painted design.

So out comes the plaster, the glazes, the colors, the brushes, the trowels books for inspiration for the border and most importantly Pandora .com tuned to my favorite station "Pink Martini". 
Much better!

Still have to get the base boards down but at least it's looking more finished.

I love it!  I'm thinking I'm going to add a tiny (like maybe 1/4 inch) little trim in gold leaf between the marble and stone border. Maybe even along the top of the border too to frame it in.  Hmmm, I'll have to keep looking at it for a few days.  Even though the edges touch it just feels a little unfinished.
I really had fun with the border.  Very relaxed and in the same colors as the marble. 

 Now, up next the door! 


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