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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm a front row kind of gal

 Months ago I found this picture online with the caption "You can live your life with the joy and excitement of the women in the first row or the attitude of the women in the 3rd row"
I was immediately drawn to it. The picture itself is not only adorable  but says so much about how we choose to make the most of each moment.  Emphasis on the word "choose".  

4th row, they're not even paying attention, they're missing the whole point of the ride.
3rd row, they're in the moment but not really appreciating the opportunity.
2nd row, these girls are having fun. Yes for the most part they've got it.
1st row.......That's the row I want to be in!  These girls know how to have fun. These girls aren't upset that their dresses are flying up revealing their stockings and slips! They understand that's part of the ride, the reckless abandon of skirts flying high and hair in the wind knowing they look ridiculiously silly and stand the chance of losing a good hat in the process, they don't care.  They are choosing to enjoy the moment, encouraging each other with their roaring laughter to let it all go and just create a wonderful memory that they will share for years to come.
 They are all on the same ride, going the same speed,  seeing the same sight, but each one is making a choice as to what type of experience and memory they are going to have.

Do you remember that feeling you had the last time you laughed so hard you couldn't breath? Couldn't speak? Peed your pants? No? Then you are really missing out.  Some of my best memories have included one or all three of those moments and have all been with people I love the most.

Yes, I am most definitely and grateful to be a front row kind of gal.



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