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Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in the Saddle again

 Well it's been some time since I've posted anything but I'm back and even though things are moving slowly they are moving forward.

The move was exhausting, the project of repairing and fixing up Left Brain's rental has also been exhausting. As I continue to finish up the house so it's ready for someone who will move in and love it for the lovely home that it is I took the time to update my website which was much needed and I've also been working on honing some of my other artistic skills.
One of them being Gilding.
I LOVE Gilding!!   I love gold, silver, platinum and copper.  I love a rustic room with a little bling.  I recently spent a week in San Francisco with one of my favorite artists and instructors Lynne Rutter learning the finer details of gilding or as I like to call it, Gildapalooza!  I have been, as she so kindly puts it, gluing metal to stuff for years.  However if you really want something truly gilded then there is a true technique and I can honestly tell you it's not for sissy's.  I went in knowing there would be a lot of technical knowledge to absorb but felt the overall application would be very doable.  Thank God I kept those thoughts to myself! lol  As I began the process of both oil gilding and water gilding, I was like a monkey without any opposable thumbs.  No "LOL" inserted here because I'm not joking.  
The picture above is of a small sample of Sgraffito work that I did.  This is water gilded with 22 K gold (and in the right light this really blings!) with an egg tempura in black painted over then scratched back to produce the design.  Oh how I loved this work!
Here's a little piece of trim with water gilded 22K gold waiting to be burnished.  I'll have to post a picture of it after burnishing, it's like gold velvet.  Just beautiful.
If you like gilding and beautiful pieces there's a fabulous book you shouldn't miss.  
This book is on my serious wish list!!
Lynne just happens to be friends with one of the authors, Monsieur Laurent Hissier whose story of how he came to be in charge of the atelier there in Versaille is amazing!)  and recently while she was in Versaille he gave her a private tour of the atilier and storage rooms in the castle!  
I highly recommend this book as it is filled not only with stunning photos but some fabulous instruction on repair and gilding.

So there you have it. As I continue to work away my studio is packed to the brim with all our belongings except the bare necessities, i.e. bed, minimal clothing, a few dishes and my jewelry box, lol.  So with all the chaos my blog sort of got set on the back burner, but I'll be getting back up to speed now and start posting pictures of the transformation of the current "Barn" I've been gilding.


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