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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another day, another pile of dirt, dog hair and concrete

Well, things are moving along little by little. Even amidst the constant haze of dust and dirt I can see, ever so slightly sometimes, the tiny but bright light at the end of the tunnel of this project. This last weekend consisted of cutting lines in the concrete in the living room to run lines for electrical outlets in the floor. First the holes were drilled for the plug boxes...

This seems to be a daily design theme in my home right now . I am really ready for a change.

I was unable to take any pictures of the lines getting cut out since my hands were full with holding the hose on the saw blade with one hand and trying to vacuum up all the water with the other hand. When we finished I looked down to see just how glamorous this job really is.

We had 30 minutes to get cleaned up and out the door to get to a wedding, so I snapped a quick picture to remember this blessed event.

Just when I think I can't stand another day I get a quiet reminder as to why we love it here so much. This is an early morning sunrise from our front gate looking at the large horse ranch across from us. Actually that is how I got into this mess to begin with.

When my husband came home with a flyer and told me about the property for sale, I looked it over, said "oh, that's nice" and threw it out. The next morning we left early to go to some garage sales and with a cup of coffee in hand we ended up at the front gate looking into this place. I stood firm, really I did. I said no and explained all the good reasons I had. But he's slick, that cowboy of mine and sweet and somewhat charming too. From that day on, anytime I went to go somewhere early in the morning or late in the afternoon he'd hop up and say, "oh, let me drive you and we can get a cup of coffee". The next thing I'd know I would somehow always end up sitting at the gate to the property. He wooed me, that man of mine. He showed me glorious sunrises with the smell of fresh cut alfalfa in the air and the soft, far off sound of sprinklers watering the pastures. He showed me heart stopping sunsets and talked about the dinners we would have on the patio with family and friends, sipping wine and watching the sun set.(a pink sunset seen from standing at our kitchen door)

I still said no but I felt bad for him. He really loved this place. So when he suggested we hop the fence and peek through the windows of the existing barn I thought, what could it hurt? I still said no but he's smart. He knew just what to say. How I could design the floor plan just the way I wanted, (I did kind of like that idea). And how I could have a garden, (ok, that was something that really appealed to me). And how I could finally have chickens, (now we're talkin'! I've always wanted chickens!) Then he hit went in for the kill. He said I could turn the whole open beam area into my dream kitchen. 810 square feet of kitchen and dining area designed exactly as I wanted it, (BE STILL MY HEART! "Ok, what do we have to do to buy this place?!!") When we got home I dug through the trash and found the wadded up flyer he had brought home and we made the call to the owner. (sunset from the living room french doors) Within 3 months we were moving in.

And you felt bad for him when I convinced him to move a little itty bitty ol' wall just 4 feet.


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