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Monday, September 27, 2010

Exhaustion has set in

Well the day after the first Home Show I came down sick.  Really sick.  And just as I was starting to feel better the second Home Show came around so I just finished it yesterday.
I'm pooped!
It wasn't as busy as the firs one but a much higher end of clientele so I'm glad I did it.  Day number two I did mostly by myself as my daughter needed to be home with the little Rico Suave grandson.  Not too bad. A handful of Emergency packs, lots of water, some Mucinex with an aspirin chaser, a lot of hand sanitizer and all was well. 
My house was torn apart from the first go around and then since I was sick it never got put back in order and last night we just threw every thing in the house and called it a night, so I've got a lot to get back in order.  But today is just rest and get ready for the week.  It's going to be a busy one.  Two appointments along with putting my kitchen back together and organizing my studio space in the dining room/kitchen area so today I decided to just visit blog land and relax. 
I love visiting all the blogs!  So many ideas, such nice thoughts, such positive energy and the most fabulous pictures! I'm feeling better already.


  1. Hi there,
    I am sorry...it sucks and I truly know, because everything you are saying just happened to me last week. I sometimes think we are ALL CrAzY, and then just like giving birth after you reflect on it all we do it all over again (hehehe) lol. I do hope you get to feeling better and you get your house in order :)


  2. Tamra- Wow- You have a lot on your plate. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling 100%!

    However, I was just wondering what you will do with all your spare time? .Hugs-Diana

  3. ~*Hope you feel better soon Tamra~*sounds like you need to go pamper yourself and take a good rest!~*~* Hugs,Rachel :)~*

  4. Hi Tamra!
    I am so sorry you have been sick!
    Home shows and events are hard enough without feeling bad thru it!
    I am glad you are taking care of yourself!
    And your right...There are some amazing blogs...full of inspiration...and great friends!
    Get some rest!

  5. Oh dear! Hope you are feeling better soon. Just don't push yourself too hard. Things will all come back together in time and in the mean time just keep relaxing and enjoying your escape to blogland.


  6. Be good to yourself dear Tamra....xo Colette

  7. Sounds like you need a Calgon night, Tamra! lol! Rest easy, girl, and hope you feel better soon. :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. oh whew ... glad you're better
    this time of year always knock me down if I let it!!!

    not gonna do it

  9. I just hate when I am not ontop of my game with so many things going on, glad your better.

    Thank you Tamra for your visit, and keep on inspiring us girl.

    PS. MS. "T" Thank you for taking the day to relax and visit us...Now start creating big girl can't wait to see next what you have going on.
    Off to paint :)

  10. Just dropping back by to see how you were doning!
    I hope you are taking your time before getting back to work!
    Have a wonderful evening,

  11. Shows are TOUGH! All the planning, creating, setting up, doing the show and then breaking down. The body sometimes knows when to take us down a peg and *make* us relax, you know? I hope you feel better now...(big hug)



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