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Monday, September 13, 2010

Trying to drum up work

So not much gilding getting done on the barn lately because work has been so slow.  So I decided to do a home show.  Never done one before, so I was really nervous, but I have to say it was great.
It was a job to set up but it really came out nice.
My white home depot door that I turned into Patina's Bronze metal with "wrought iron" over the glass was a big hit.  The column samples on the left cracked me up.  The Cowboy said not to stack them because someone might knock them over.  But then people kept throwing trash in them because they were low to the ground! So I went ahead and stacked them up.
I think it was a huge success and hopefully some good jobs will come out of it so that we can have the funds to start Gilding the Barn again!
But today, I'm on the couch.  I am pooped!


  1. ~*~*Looks like it turned out great!!~*~* Rachel :)

  2. I'm headed there, too ...
    just cleaned the entire "ranch"

  3. A great idea to drum up business and the set up looks fabulous!!! Now I'm off to the couch too!

  4. Shows ARE very hard work!! You're "on" for the whole day with little or no breaks -- it's stressful but physically and mentally! For me anyway! :)

    Your space there looked great, though! I hope you do get some nice jobs from your efforts!! ;)


  5. When people see the work you do you are sure to get new customers. Your space looks wonderful!

  6. I hope you get an overload of work! Trash cans indeed! What WERE they thinking~ lol Diana

  7. Aaaahhh !! Life just wasn't cooperating this weekend and I wasn't able to come by and see your wonderful work....I hope all your hard work pays off, love the cabinet in front !!

  8. Thanks Sandi, that cupboard is my temporary kitchen island. I pretty much moved most of my kitchen furniture into the booth. The show was wonderful but my house is a mess!

  9. Tamra,
    Looks fabulous...I want the serving buffet I would use it as a center island if tall enough, oh heck I would make it tall enough.
    Girl I do tyhe same work you do, I faux, plaster, marble, I finish everyting my hands touch what a team we would make.

    I just did an all day job yeasterday on French doors. I use to have close to a year waiting list. Now with the enconomy in the dumps my list has shortened big time!

    Love the look of your space, wow impact to your space and art.
    Thank you for your way to kind of words left on my art, thank you kindly dahling.

  10. I love your work! It is gorgeous!
    I have done these things before and hope you get a chance to recoop! It's always so...much work...and I do hope it brings you alot of business!
    Take care!

  11. I hope that you picked up a truckload of business with your sale, Tamra! It looks like it was fun! Now....grab a glass of vino and kick back the rest of the week and let the phone calls begin! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk



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