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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Thank you to Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek for her antique book give a way to the winners of her writing challenge.  
Corey's blog was the first blog I ever laid my eyes on.  Before that I had no idea what a blog was so you can imagine how fascinated I was to stumble upon a blog about an American living her life in France along the most beautiful pictures.
She recently posted about an old French book she found titled "The Happy Divorce".  You can read about it here along with the winning submissions.  And one of those would be me!  I still can't believe it!

Thank you again Corey!


  1. LOL...I just checked out your entry! I laughed...a lot! You know, it reminds me of something I would see on the old movie channel...I can just see Cary Grant and Constance Bennett playing these roles (from the Topper movies). Well done Tamra!
    **Tami :-)

  2. omgoodness, girl ... she's the creme de la creme` ...
    also the first blog I ever read!!!

    lucky you

  3. Tamra,
    Loved your version of the falling apart book. Corey's blog was one of the first that I began following also. Corey does inspire and I'm so glad we all get to share in her finds...your one!

  4. Well, I don't know her blog at all...so now I will have to go check it out. Lovely that you won and I want to read your post entry! Hugs-Diana

  5. Tami, Constance Bennett would be perfect!! She would have the most perfect pout at the end when she admits to murdering her mother in law, lol. Thank you!

    Parisienne Farmgirl, you got that right, it IS fun to win something! Thank you!

    Savvy City, well you I have to say you were the second blog I ever saw and you were the first to put me on your blog list, so for that I thank you too!

    Gwen, I'm starting to wonder who isn't following Corey's wonderful blog! LOL!

    Nana Diana, Oh man are you in for a treat! Once you start reading Tongue in Cheek you will be hooked.

  6. Oh Good Grief! My daughter Caitlin had signed in and I didn't realize it. That was me above, sorry for the confusion girls,


  7. Congrats, Tamra! It's so much fun winning treasures, isn't it? My first ever-in-my-life win was won via blogging. And the gifts always come wrapped so lovingly and full of friendship!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  8. Congratulations Tamra! I too am a big fan of Corey Amaro! Her life is so intriguing to me. One that we only dream of. I'm going to read your submission now. Congratulations again!



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