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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another artist

My middle daughter Cait recently grabbed my camera and took some pictures outside of the Barn.  I think she may be a budding photographer.
 Some grapes just starting to bud
Gotta have a picture of this guy.  His is so beautiful.  I keep saying I'd love to have him stuffed to put in my kitchen which my girls say is "Totally Gross!" but I can't help it, he's a beauty.
Group shot.  We need to get a few more hens as these girls are getting older and not laying like they used to.
This was my favorite.  I love how she captured the look of the truck through the old Pomegranate branches.  This will someday be my work truck and although it doesn't look like it, it is actually in really good shape structurally.  The Cowboy has most of the stuff to restore it and when he does it will be great for me to use for work.
I really like how she tries to capture the unusual.
And of course a self portrait.  Not to bad for just playing around, I think.


  1. Hello~Yes awesome photo of the old truck.She did a great job! The Rooster is pretty darn cute himself.~Cheers Kim

  2. Hello Tamra,
    O my, I have the same disease as you..the linen one! hie hie I enjoyed the post on the linen. I relate to that 100% and more. I found your blog amongst all the comments left on Corey's post today, and had to pop over to read your blog. joined as a follower since I know I will visit here often. Congrats with little babino!! kind regards
    Colette at labrocanteuse

  3. Okay, I'm speachless! I just found your wonderful blog and I am in love love love (did I say love?) with your amazing barn. You are so talented and apparently it runs in the family. Your daughters's photography is wonderful. I will be using your blog as an example to show hubby why open shelving in the kitchen is the "way" to go! Beautiful! Your home should be featured in Architectural Digest or Veranda when you are done. It's just THAT awesome!

  4. Hi Tamra! Your daughter's a budding photographer, that's for sure! :) She did a great job with these pics! I love the truck one - and I had no idea that roosters could be so darned pretty! lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  5. She's an artist for sure. She has an eye to catch unusual beauty

  6. Beautiful photos...beautiful daughter and she does have quite a natural talent. Love the truck photo.


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I just "followed" you.

    I love the pics - they are very good. And, I love the chickens. I have 14 myself. Are they not the most fun? Did you see my post about the coop I made out of a satellite dish?

  8. I agree, definitely a budding artist- love the photos! And love even more that all that amazing beauty is right out your door!!

    your new header looks great btw!


    thanks for the bd wishes!!

  9. She should definitely take a photography class as she has real potential.
    They call that "the eye!" Love the chickens and that vintage pickup.

  10. I just popped over from Tongue in Cheek. I am enjoying your blog.



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