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Friday, August 20, 2010

Evolution of a blog

When I originally started this blog it was simply a way for out of town family and friends to keep up to date on the progression of work on our home.  I have found though that it has become something much more.  

First of all I never dreamed of having followers.  When I added my little "Followers" button I really just thought my family would sign on so when I look at it now and see almost a hundred people following me (and oddly not one of them family, hilarious!) I just can't believe what this blog has come to mean to me. It has sharpened my awareness of my everyday surroundings and single moments.  I am starting to carry my camera with me more and find myself filled with regret each time I don't.  I am constantly looking at people, places and moments in time and thinking "That would make a great picture!" or "That would be a great post!".

For instance, this last week I drove my parents to Santa Monica for some medical visits and test.  When we got there we had some time before we began running from one doctor's office to another so we went to the 3rd street promenade to look around and have some lunch. There was a shoe shine stand there and my dad, aka Jamesy, hopped up to have his loafers spiffed up with a good polish.
As a boy he shined shoes to earn a little money so he really appreciates a good shoe shine.
(this picture was taken with my camera phone shortly before it died because I forgot my charger)
My parents are in their '70s and I am becoming more aware of how precious each moment is with them as life passes us by so quickly.  There was a moment as the three of us were sitting in the room waiting for the doctor to come in, there was a huge window with a beautiful view overlooking downtown Santa Monica,  El Segundo and Los Angeles.  My mom was raised in El Segundo and this is where my parents met and married.  At one point my parents stood up and were looking out the window pointing out different things and talking about points of interest.  As I sat there looking at them in silhouette in front of that beautiful view, watching them point to different areas and talk about where things "used to be" and how things look now, I realized it was really a touching picture that I missed.  54 years of marriage, homes remodeled, properties bought and sold, a business started and still going strong, two children, five grandchildren, one great grandchild and yet this tiny moment of them standing in a doctor's office together was really sweet. 

As my blog evolves into so much more about the house, I thank everyone who reads it and comments.  When I sign on and read some of the nice things people have to say it really makes my day.  I guess on some small level it gives a sense of validation that what I'm doing is not just crazy existence but meaningful moments enjoyed by people other than just myself and my family.  

I have to say, all the positive feed back is really good for my self esteem and I am a firm believer that self esteem is like chocolate and toilet paper......two things you can't have enough of and something you certainly don't ever want to run out of!


  1. Thank you Tamra,
    I too love your style over here, its always inviting.
    Hope you will try the gypsy boho slipcoverd shirt idea!

  2. I stumbled across your blog and just immediately loved your style ( ...& your writing style :-) I'm glad I found it. I check it everyday now!!!

  3. I echo your thoughts. Nice pics of Santa Monica.. My recent post is on an old hotel/apartment building there...Your home looks amazing. Time for a studio though??!!



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