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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is it just me?

I'm a clean person. I dust and vacuum (although without our landscaping around the Barn it should be done almost every day).  I bathe everyday and wash my hands often throughout the day so why?
 Am I the only one who thinks the "Q" in Q-Tip stands for Qomputer Qleaner? Am I the only one who vacuums my keyboard.  Am I the only one who if out of compressed air will tilt the keyboard up on end and blow into it until I'm dizzy to try to blow the dust out?
My notebook is six years old (which is about 10 in technology years). So I really have to baby it.  You can see it's used a lot, the R, S, T, L, N and E are almost gone.  Hey who knew the Wheel of Fortune people were actually right, they are the most commonly used letters
in the English language. Actually the E IS gone.  The Cowboy keeps telling me that I need to fix that because when he uses my computer occasionally to get online he can never find the E, lol.   I just leave it because I don't need to have letters on the keys since I can type without 'em and that makes him crazy.

Oops, I see a squidge more junk between F and G and E and R.  Where's my Qleaners?

The little heart shape on the left is a worn spot because when I type I rest my left hand on the keyboard but my right hand stays above.  Weird. Hey, am I the only one who does that too?

Am I the only one who would rather clean my computer and blog all day instead of bills and office paper work? Is it just me?


  1. hi there, you convinced me to start vacuuming my keyboard..I have one of those teeny static yellow dusters that dances over my keyboard like a sunshine fairy...bu oh dear, something is missing here..I don't have a heart on mine..! thank you for the smile with this post!. Colette

  2. Oh wow, I was glancing down at my keyboard the whole time I was reading this...... Ick. This a little embarrassing. I know how I'll be spending my afternoon.

  3. Well, wouldn't you know....SOMEONE would come along and REMIND me that the dirt in my keyboard is just lurking there waiting to be found! Now I am really grossed out because I see there is one of my long blond hairs down in there too (I shed like a dog-thanks for asking). So...right after I do about 38 other things that I need to do first I will get right on it! Thanks for the smile! Diana

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

    You are delightful and I have to admit that yes... I do am addicted to canned air-- :) who wouldve ever thought ANY one would need that?


    Thanks for the smile you brought my way!

    Join us on Fridays -- for finding beauty... you would fit right in.


  5. ~*~So glad I found your blog!! :) Just now looking at my keyboard..ewww..not pretty~*~* Rachel

  6. Ok, Nana Diana, you cracked me up!! That was funny.

  7. oh my goodness girl, we must be joined at the hip ... I cannot even admit my fettish-es

  8. Love this! I do vacuum my keyboard, but my keys are black - Gee! I think they were white when I bought it!! JK!

    Thanks for the suggestions on my den.


  9. Now I feel the urge to get up and clean...

    Your comment this morning was hilarious! Have a lovely day you clean freak you!

  10. Cute post...kindred spirit here! Have you ever tried a Mr. Clean eraser on the fitting around your keyboard? Works great on a plastic Mac--just make sure to squeeze the water out before having a go at it.


  11. You are not the only one. I have special things to clean my computer



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