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Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate to say good bye but she must go

I absolutely love this piece but sadly it will have to leave the Barn.
I bought it several years ago thinking I would put it in my master bathroom. She is very old and has a gorgeous original black patina.  Can't you just see her sitting there with white towels stacked neatly inside those lovely curved front doors? Large apothecary jars sitting on top filled with cotton, Q-tips and epsom salts?  And a small wire basket on the lower shelf filled with white soaps?
That was the plan.  But somehow when we moved in there wasn't a wall available for her to sit.  I've held on to her thinking I would find a spot but the other rooms in the house are just too big and she looks completely out of place.  So au revoir my lovely friend, up for sale you go.


  1. oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no .....

    I want want want want want want your lovely friend ...
    in the w.o.r.s.t. way!!

  2. Do you have a FEVER? Don't do it! It could look amazing in a foyer or living area, also!

  3. Sad days, but you want what is best for her. Move her along to a loving home and daily appreciation.

  4. Oh, so very pretty, Tamra. Sure wish I had room in my home for her. But upon her arrival here....she'd most certainly end up painted creamy white..... lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  5. Believe me I have tried to find a spot, really I have but I just need bigger pieces in the other rooms. I'm not happy about this but I'd rather someone else have it and put it to good use.

  6. Oh No! How COULD you forsake her now? She's a beauty...and I know that you will be crying once she has left you! I do understand though about hanging onto things that I can't use. I would rather have someone else enjoy them than to have them sit in stoage where no one ever sees them.

    Someone that absolutely adores her will buy her and then it will be a love affair with a happy ending. Diana

  7. yes it's hard for to sometimes let things go (remember, my daughter dubbed me the "Elegant Hoarder" lol. I seriously don't have a space. I've asked all my friends and I've two designers in my home say the same thing, "She's gotta go". Waaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Ok, I know of this little store that she would look absolutely fabuous in !! Really !!
    Mmmmm....think about it...


  9. Oh My Gosh

    I want to come right over and get her. That is drop dead gorgeous

    don't let her go unless she lives with me!!!!!!!!!!!

    what about in a bedroom for a night stand? You must have a lot of gorgeous furniture to be able to let black beauty go.

  10. I knoooooow, I hate to see her go too. She's too big to use as a knight stand. I'm 5'7" and the top is about chest high. And the wall she is currently sitting in front of (in my living room) needs a really big piece like a huge heavy sideboard or bookcase with storage underneath, and I need the funds from this to buy that. (SIGH)

  11. Oh I feel your pain. She is beautiful. Are you absolutely sure? Well, hopefully you can find a good home for her. Best wishes.



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