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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GASP!! What would the French say?!

 I'm home alone. Not enjoying it because it's been happening way too much lately.  The Cowboy is of course gone away to work, bless is hard workin' heart, and the girls are gone with my brother and friends on a snowboarding trip.  So here I am alone and hungry. 

I head for the kitchen and decide a glass of wine would be nice.  I'm tired of drinking wine out of coffee mugs and plastic cups so I decide I'm going to find a glass.  I dig around, not in this box, not in that box, must still all be out in storage at the ranch.  But then I see it.......glass......a little sparkle, oh this will do!  A tiny Mason jam jar.  It's cute. I pour, I sip, I set it down on the counter and think......good grief I'm now drinking wine out of a Mason jar, will this madness ever end?
Although it is only 2 buck Chuck.


  1. Thanks for the laugh, that was too funny!

  2. I like it! Nothing wrong with wine in a mason jar.

  3. Chill that mason jar in the freezer..lots of little ones like my friend Candy does..so nice in the summer...

  4. I am home alone too, but I like it! I had a grapefruit, and 1 slice of cheese pizza for dinner... loved your 5 words, I look forward to seeing your home come together.

  5. Hi Tamra!
    Too funny! Oh, the elusive packed-away wine glasses! Always the last thing you'll find.
    I'm with you- hate having a glass of wine out of a plastic cup.... even take wine "glasses" when we do road trips ;)
    Hope the cowboy gets home soon!

  6. I love drinking from mason jars....may favorite...lemonaid with crushed ice!

  7. a true farmgirl

    (very nice to meet you!)
    what a funny post!!

    have a great weekend
    Anne Marie



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