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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Office

It's official, I am moving into the office, setting it up and getting back to being the organized, efficient person I used to be.  First order of business.....hang up the sign.

No door yet but at least I know where I'm headed.
I am done working out of boxes, setting up where ever construction will allow me to be for the moment.  I woke up excited, energized, ready to begin the process.  An hour into it I could feel the wheels of efficiency slowly grinding to a stall, I could hear the sound of metal on metal, at one point I smelled smoke.  I stopped.
 In the immortal words of Pooh all I could think was "Oh bother".  Maybe a break would help. I checked my email. I checked my blog. I brushed my teeth. I got a drink of water. Took another look to regroup and realized it looked like Office Max walked in and threw up on my desk.
Ok, so took my sweater off, moved a couple of things got chilly so sweater back on. Ok, Music!

Yes, music is helpful.  

Sigh, I'm hungry. Maybe I'll be more productive after a tuna sandwich. 
Oh bother.


  1. Your funny!!! lovely home/future office..I'll be back..Cynthia

  2. oh bother me ...
    we need a good long chat!!

    YOU'RE MOVING IN ...!!

  3. Love that you're making so much headway!!

  4. Oh, I am in love with your desk. I really need to get organized...maybe some day!

    Thanks for stopping by and your input on painting the armoire. I really like the sound of bleaching it.



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