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Friday, February 12, 2010

The whole kitchen sink

Well the kitchen sink is in and it's a beauty.  This is the sink I found on our local version of "Craigslist" for $150.00 bucks, can you believe it?! 

It weighs a ton!! It's in beautiful shape and I just love it.  There's a manufacture date stamp on the bottom of 1953.  I would have loved a deep farm apron front sink but the reality is they're expensive, so when I saw this I knew it was perfect for us.  A single sink is ok by me, it turned out to be deeper than I expected and the drainboards will definitely come in handy.  The Cowboy got it set in place, (no easy feat alone, I was trying to help but the truth is I think I was more in the way than helpful) and then he set down plywood and trimmed it with scrap 1x2 pine we had laying around.
I quickly got it taped off and decided to put the same "reclaimed wood" finish down that I did on the Island counter top right over the plywood.  
Midway through it sort of looks like an ugly cow hide or dalmatian but when I start laying down the color it really takes on a realistic look.

Pictures just don't do it justice.

I top it with a high quality varnish used for floors so it really holds up.

The close ups look a lot lighter than it is.  But in person it has really nice depth of color.

It's only temporary until I do the faux marble, but today when I got it done I really liked how everything looks so pulled together, it just may stick around awhile.  I'm really happy with the more neutral tones going on in here.  The cabinets are set in and I just have a few touch ups and then I'll add some cute bun feet to make them look like free standing cabinets.  

I also finished my Goodwill mirror.

Silver leafed with a band of gold leaf in the center with a final coat of glaze to age it.  

It stands about 4 and half feet tall.  I recently saw a picture in a magazine where someone had placed a beautiful Silver and gold Louis XVI mirror on the wall behind the stove.  That inspired me to redo this piece to look similar and hang it above my stove.  I know, it will constantly have to be wiped down but hey, even if it's just for a little while before I move it to another room, it will look unexpected and gorgeous, two of my favorite decorating things.


  1. I think the sink is too cool. I want one of those farm sinks too... Will this old house ever be done.... NO!

  2. Love your blog...found you via Tongue in Cheek...You have a great eye and lots of endurance...It will be a delight to follow you along on your journey...Here's to a love of beautiful things that delight the heart and to the beautiful people that make it happen..Cynthia Wolff

  3. Hi Tamra,
    I LOVE THAT SINK! It gives the kitchen a whole different look! That old time cooking with Grandma feel. I cannot wait to visit and take it all in. I am so happy for you that it is finally all coming together! I want to see the floors too. I can't really tell from the pictures but I know that you have that eye! I wish my eye was more like yours!! Give that cowboy, and the girls of yours of hug from us.

  4. Hey Marcie,
    You get yourself down here and I'll give you the eye! Wink! Miss you!

  5. I absolutely love your sink. I have had sinks similar to this in France and I just love those wide drain boards. Your place is looking awesome, Hang in there. ~jermiane~

  6. The kitchen sink is a fabulous find!

  7. I just did a post on my blog asking whether or not I should use a sink very similar to this one when we re-do our kitchen. It's a unit the former owner left behind in the basement. I guess I know what your answer would be! Do you have more pictures of it?



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