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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A cute little room

My half bath is almost done and ready for decorating.

It is actually my favorite room in the house I think. It's broken into two rooms, the entry, aka  the sink room and then the toilet room.  You can see the fabric color much better than in my previous post (I think it looked a little purple).  My Mom bought the tassel for me and it fits perfectly!  I'm going to get more trim and continue it along the bottom, I think it looks a little unfinished the way it is, and then I'll line it to make it pretty on the inside but for now it's up and looks good.  We have the lights on a motion sensor so as soon as walk up to the curtain the room is lit up.  I really like the convenience of that and that way company is never fumbling for a light switch.  The door will be done in a dark wood finish as soon as the trim is on.

Kitchen is coming along ever so nicely.  My cabinets are done and I love the final finish. Aged cream, slightly distressed with a little gold wax on the detailing on the door trim. 

I put a little gold on this emblem on the sink front too.  I'm thinking about adding some more little emblems to the drawer fronts.  We found a vintage porcelain sink with drainboards online and will pick it up this weekend.  Can you believe it? I am finally getting a real kitchen again!!  Don't you just love the marble table in the center? I do!  I bought it two years ago to use as the dining table but the Cowboy suggested I use it as a center island instead since we had so much space and I've always wanted a marble top for pastry baking.  So we wheeled it in, (in two pieces with a furniture dolly and it was still a job, it weighs a ton!) put in in place and Voilia a perfect island to work around.  I'd like for him to make a base to raise it up so that it's counter height but until then it works just fine. 
Today's project is this huge mirror.  I started applying silver leaf to it last night.  I'll finish it up, add a little gold to the inside and then glaze it to age it up a bit.  This is going to hang above my stove.  I love, love, love how my kitchen is coming along but I still think my little half bath is my favorite.  What's your favorite room in your house?


  1. So fun to see your progress! Everything is looking great and I love that you are using the drapery for the outer entry to the powder room. Hope your weekend is wonderful.


  2. Cabinets are looking good and would love to see how the mirror turns out! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Keep up the good work! It is looking great so far!

  4. I found your site through Corey Amereo's, and I loved clicking through it!



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