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Friday, April 9, 2010

I like to say Atelier but.........

I dream of a studio to work and create out of. A place where all my products are lined up labels out for easy viewing, all my brushes and tools organized and ready to be used for fun and fabulous things.  A giant easel to work on large canvases and a place next to a large window or door to photograph my work.

I spent the morning walking around my house looking for the best source of natural light to photograph my newest countertop overlay samples for my website, shooting quick shots to test the light and ended up shooting in my entryway.  After I shot this I realized I needed a stool to sit on to be able to get a steady look through the lens, oh if only I had taken the picture with the blue ice cooler next to the tripod as my place to sit.  Yes so luxurious.  If I showed you the storage container I am currently using as a studio you'd scream and poke your eyes out.  


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