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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Come fly with me

My mother in law is the youngest of three girls.  Her older sister Mary Lou, the middle daughter (who sadly passed away this last year) was married to Bill "Alex" Alexander.  He and Mary Lou used to travel the US in their motor home with a little VW bug in tow behind and a tiny Yorkie named Offenheimer ("Offie" for short) sitting at the helm.  I loved their visits. Mary Lou raised four boys, was kind and sweet, neat as a pin, fabulous sense of humor and shared her husbands passion for all things adventurous. And Alex, well I've always felt like we were kindred spirits.  First of all we share the same last name, my maiden name is Alexander. Then you add to that fact that he has a biting wit, can be completely sarcastic (sarcasm is like air to me, lol) yet always has an adorable smile that makes you laugh.  Yep, visits with Alex and Mary Lou were always fun!

  Although Alex and his four boys live only about 6 hours south of us we rarely see him anymore.  He quit driving the motor home years ago and well.....you know how it goes, we all get caught up with taking care of the everyday things, work, kids, blah, blah, blah, and the next thing you know too much time has gone by and we haven't seen each other in years.  So the other day my brother in law, who is a pilot and has access to a couple of very nice private planes, offered to fly the family down for the day for a quick visit.  I LOVE to fly so it didn't take me long to grab my bag and sunglasses!
 Two extra seats! Wanna come along?  My brother in law is an excellent pilot, it's sure to be a lovely flight. 

The Pilot makes a few adjustments before take off.  When I said I love to fly what I meant to say is I love to ride along, lol.  Just looking at all those gauges made my head hurt. Where's the flight attendant? A glass of wine of would be nice. 

 The Cowboy checks out the ground below.  We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

 We take a quick run over the ranch. The Sr. Cowboy wasn't feeling up to making the trip so as we flew over I called him and the Pilot tipped the wings to wave as we went over.

 My mother in law rode shotgun which was only fitting since she too is a pilot!  I know! It was really touching to listen to the two of them "talk shop", her asking questions about this specific plane, the two of them comparing notes about things I couldn't even understand yet it was so sweet to listen to and to watch moments like this where she would look over to him and nod her head in agreement. It made me wonder....how many other pilots out there have mothers who fly and get moments like this?

 She definitely takes after her big sister.  Daphne raised 2 boys, helped put the Sr. Cowboy through dental school, ran the front office of his practice single handedly,  played tennis regularly for 40 years,  helped work their ranch and stood by and watched her sons through rodeos, truck rolls, car wrecks and a bar fight or two (Ahem, ALL when they much younger let me say). All with grace, humor and always a magnificent smile every time you see her.  And when Sr. Cowboy decided to get his pilots license years ago, she decided to get hers too.  Say it with me girls.  WHAT A WOMAN!

The Cowboy and I found this little sign hysterical.  Cigars only and wouldn't you know we didn't have a one between us. LOL!

Ok, is anyone else here hearing the theme song from "Weeds" here?
Every time I looked down I kept hearing, "Little houses, little houses, ticky tacky little houses".....lol

 After lunch Alex wanted to check out the sweet ride before we headed back.

 If any of you lived in Los Angeles in the '50's you may have eaten at Alex's place.  It was on Pico blvd.  Daphne, being the little sister worked there in trade for food.  Boy labor laws have changed, haven't they? lol

Group shot before we head for home.  Alex on the left and his oldest son Chris on the right.  
After a wonderful day of visiting and a lovely lunch, it's time to board and head home.

 Gliding along at 11,000 feet, 200 mph it's like ice skating on a cloud.  We head towards the sunset and home, only an hour away by air.

Pressurized cabin, air conditioning, top notch pilot and co-pilot, a good magazine, flying towards the sunset....Puuuuure luxury!
Where on earth is that flight attendant with those cool beverages?!

Home safe and sound after a fabulous day with family!
Ok, I don't want to brag, (actually I do) but with a Pilot as detailed at this is it any wonder we have no worries in the air?


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  1. What an incredible way to spend the day, my kind of fun. Theres a red one and a blue one and green one and a.....



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