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Friday, April 6, 2012

What's that Mr. Ed?

My daughter has been letting her horse roam the property lately.  It makes him happy and it's keeping the grass down which makes us happy.  Yesterday she had her bedroom doors open and while grazing near her room he decided to pop in and chat with her and our grandson.  She moved back home a little over a month ago and the horse came with her of course.  But because he was lonely we now have also acquired two small goats (Winston and Beauregard) to keep him company.

The Cowboy snapped this picture with his camera phone.  When he showed me this picture he said "The only thing that would have made it better is if Winston and Beauregard were in there with him!"
Hold your horses! (pun totally intended)
I am definitely the Zsa Zsa to his Edie Albert.  
Um, no. He'd better teach that horse to talk and tell those goats to stay outside.  He only needs to learn one word.  BBQ.


  1. That is the sweetest thing!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderful advice!


  2. Hi Tamara (Zsa Zsa!)

    I stopped over for a quick visit and some inspiration as I feel a little stuck on a project and knew I would get some inspiration over here and on top of that, I got a great laugh!

    Next time I stop over, am I going to find all of you bubbling and laughing in a round wooden "hot tub" barrel? Hahaha?

    I LOVE this photo...tell Cowboy he is my hero for capturing it

    Miss you and your blog is one of my very favorites.

    Big hugs

  3. Tamara what a prise winning photograph!
    Oh and we had a cat name winston :)
    It am going to leave here with a smile and send this photo off to horse loving family memebers. Growing up with horse, and my daughters passion for horses she too will find great charm in your photo. I think my daughter would have let the horse come all the way in :)

    This post charmed me and I so need to make more visits.

  4. Love this photograph! So glad your husband was able to capture the moment!!


  5. Hello
    What's that Mr. Ed?
    That is a cool idea, it absolutely helps me out. I enjoy your blog and your style of writing!

  6. Thank you for your inspiring comment and visiting No21. J will enjoy following your lovely blog

  7. Hello Tamra.

    Great to see you joining our blog and taking part in our London Undercover giveaway.

    Thank you for the lovely comments and for introducing me to your "front row" blog which I am now gladly following.



  8. lol hilarious photo! I had horse when gwoing up & I often asked why they weren't welcome in our house...lol great post! :) chris



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