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Friday, January 22, 2010

Whips, chains and a little wax

I'm really trying not to take too long between post as we get closer to finishing the construction and the fun part begins (can you say decorate?) but it's been crazy.  I took a fall off a ladder a few weeks ago and that had me off my feet for awhile and then a couple of small jobs but now I'm back on track, sort of, and working away on things here on the home front.

So last weekend was the stairs.  We bought standard treads at Lowes, brought them home and made them look like the floors.   I tell you, a couple of tools and some lamp chain and we're in business.
Then rub in the wax......... 
 and buff.  I found that my little orbital sander place on a terry bar towel was perfect!

and Voila!  Beautiful stairs.

Now I have to paint the risers.  I'll be painting a pattern on each one but that will have to wait.  Right now I'm working on the kitchen Cabinets.  I found some on Craigslist that would really fit the space we have but the asking price was $700.00 (not in the budget) so while trying to work out a deal the woman notified me she had an offer for the full price so they were sold.  OK, no problem I figured something would come along.  But then a few weeks later I get a call from the woman who bought them and wouldn't you know it they decided they weren't right for their space and said if I still wanted them I could have them for $300.00!!  Sold!!  So the Cowboy and I picked them up and brought them home.

The uppers and pantry will be used elsewhere in the house, but don't these fit great?  So.... I had just finished a job where I had redone some kitchen cabinets in a distressed black finish.  I love black and the clients kitchen looked so stunning when it was done I decided to paint these black too.  Well, I did and then over the past few weeks I kept looking at them and all my other stuff going in the room and decided that black just wouldn't work for these.  So today, in the middle of working on woodgraining our doors, I just couldn't take it another minute and I started sanding them down. 
My youngest daughter (17) walked in and said, "What's going on?"
Me: "I'm redoing the cabinets"
"But you haven't even put them in"
"I know but black wont work in here"
"So what are you doing"
"Off white, antiqued and distressed"
A huge eye roll and out she goes.  I'm used to it. But I have to say I know I'm doing the right thing, I can picture it done and it's more the look I want, a lot of cream and white contrasting with the wood floors, I even glued an architectural ornament to the front of the sink cabinet and love it. I can't wait.  When the Cowboy called home and asked what I did today I gave a long list of every little thing leaving out "redoing the kitchen cabinets"  a girl can only take so many eye rolls in one day.  He won't be home until next weekend so I'll have them done before he gets here.  Won't he be surprised! lol

Out with the black and bring on the cream!  Besides there will be a lot of black in the pantry.

I'll have them done by the first of the week so I'll post pictures then. 


  1. I can FEEL your excitement ..

    being so close to finished and all!

    carry on, dearie

  2. I think I read through most of your posts and wow. You are amazing. I love all of the finishes, marble, if possible would you do a tutorial in the future. I can not say what is my favorite, you have taken each room or piece and just made them wonderful. I am a new follower and you are on my blog roll. I just can't wait to see what you do next. I wanted to let you know I found you through FleaMarketTrixie.



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