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Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're getting close........really, we are

I know it's been a while since my last post but it's been crazy here.  Working away on the last final details and then I came down sick, the Cowboy left for work in Southern California and won't be home for 2 weeks and then I fell off of a ladder while on a job last week so I have not been too mobile recently.  But today I was able to get a few pictures loaded to post.   The living room is the most put together room in the house at this point.  Every other room just has stuff thrown in until we pass inspection.

Still so much to do but at least it's starting to feel like home.

Check out my kitchen lights!  Can you say "Stinkin' Cute?!!
I just love them.  I found the shades in a box at a yard sale, two of them had been painted black so I scrubbed off the black paint and left them unfinished ready for a good tarnish.  I cut and bent EMT electrical pipe and then wired them in to the lamp shade and the Cowboy mounted them to the wall.  Cute, cute, cute!! And their on a dimmer for great ambiance.

This is the pile of stuff in my kitchen waiting to be put in place after inspection.  Crazy, no?

And more stuff...

This is the bookcase that came out of a friends house that will be used to hold my white ironstone dishes.  The Cowboy has mounted it to the wall and we will build a cabinet underneath to make it look like a hutch. This is scheduled for a coat of black paint right away.

My half bath is coming along nicely.  I still have to paint the arch but the lights are in and the adorable little tiny buffet fits in there perfectly.

My one and only upper cabinet in the kitchen is up.  When I got it at a yard sale it was just this plain little cupboard. I had my dad add the top molding, the bottom shelf and trim and then I put a finish on it and Voila! cute upper cabinet.

Well that's it for now.  The bathtub is in and it's wonderful!!!!!! I'll have pictures of the finished bedroom / bath soon.


  1. Congrats on being on the 'home-stretch'!!
    And, Yes- I love those stinkin' cute lights!! Nice find!!

  2. Thank you Joan, your house is such an inspiration to me. What's that old saying? "Insanity loves company" or something like that, lol.

  3. Everything is looking absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to see the final reveal. Thanks for dropping by and letting me know of your new address...love the name and how very appropriate to the describe the magic you have worked.


  4. I can tell that this house has great bones! I can't wait to see it done!! It's going to be great!!!
    Thanks for the sweet note that you left me on my little tater bug, he has stole my heart already.

  5. okay ... how have we missed each other all this time ...I see my second blog on your favorites(stuffintheburbs) ...who knew ... it's time for us to shake hands and hug ... nice to meet you ...
    let's chat ...

    the barn is enchanting!


  6. Hello! New follower and WOW what a beautiful home! I am so excited to see your final product!!



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