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Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm pining away for my new floors

The floors are going in and they are stunning!!

Plain pine planks, Lumber Liquidators, $1.13 a square foot! I want them to look old and used but soft and nicely aged. Not yellow but more to the brown or grayish brown side. Not ruined but rustic. Am I asking for too much? I don't think so. The upstairs, which is both of the girls bedrooms, are done and ready for waxing.

Tonight we finished the kitchen so tomorrow we start down the hallway and head towards the master bedroom.

This nailer is da bomb! My brother loaned it to us and I can't imagine doing this without it. It pays to have a general contractor in the family. But man is my arm tired tonight! Preslea, our 16 year old helped out all day and then I took over for her when she went to work at 3:30. Three hours and my arm was tired! I'm glad she's coming back tomorrow for the morning shift again.And check out my kitchen ceiling! No red!! Just beautiful cream walls and ceiling with dark beams. I love it! Preslea and my neice Aleah zipped around the room on the scissor lift taking down all the masking paper. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the room in full with the floor done. Have I mentioned I love it?

1 comment:

    Hi Tamra,
    Now are you? I cannot even imagen how exhausted you must be. Your determination is truely remarkable! Taking charge to see your vision come to life, and we get to see that vision with each blog update! I love the story of your bath tub and how you were able to talk your Dad into a deal that you could keep it all those years ago... Now that tub will now have a life in your home! I love the espresso color beams. The floors are great!! 
    It is beautiful Tamra! I mean I really, really love it!
    It looks like you guys would be able to move in soon. I'm sure you can't wait to move in...
    I wish I had a tiny bit of your talent! I love it all! 



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