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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The decision is in!

Well after much deliberation, discussion, test samples and numerous trips in and out of the room looking at the color in different light, we (actually I)  have chosen a color for the pine floors.

I know it's not a huge color change but I really wanted the floors to just look old, weathered and dare I say, a little dirty?  And to me this is it.  The wax will be here next Wednesday so I have informed our daughters that they are recruited in full as of Wednesday until the floors are done.   We are down to just a little bit left to put down, half of the living room, my office and the stairs, so we should be done by tomorrow.  What a job it has been! My arms and legs ache from all the nailing.  I'd be really excited if I wasn't so exhausted.

And check out my kitchen!!! The red ceiling is gone and the floor is in and it looks lovely.  I have to get to those old windows this weekend,that is the last little bit of red to go. To the right of the wood burning stove will be the working kitchen to the left will be the walk in pantry (yet to be built and sort of a tiny kitchen in it's self with storage, display shelves for dishes and a sink).  The dining table will sit to the right as soon as you go through the opening.

And the master bedroom is coming along nicely too. 

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