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Monday, October 26, 2009

I dream of Genie

That's the Genie GS-1930 that is. Yep, I love this baby! I have spent the last 5 days zipping around my kitchen cleaning the ceiling so it is ready to paint and then re staining the beams, and it would have been a nightmare without it! (by the way, notice the huge stack of planks behind the Genie? That's a fraction of my pine plank flooring that got delivered this week! Oh, I can't wait!!!)It was a little more wobbly than I expected when I was extended up to the peak but I got somewhat used to it, sort of. I found I kept locking my knees and would work really stiff because it had so much wiggle to it so today I am sooooo sore from head, or should I say neck to toe. It was a job to get in the house. A makeshift ramp and some tight maneuvering and it was in. However getting it out was more difficult. It came off the ramp off center and the next thing I knew it was stuck in place with the back end on the ramp and the front wheels hanging off and spinning but going nowhere. OY! What's a girl to do?

So I called the Cowboy, (he couldn't come home this weekend he had to stay in the Bay Area for work) and asked him how to get the truck into 4 wheel drive. Just what every man wants to hear from his wife, an exasperated "Hi honey, how do I get your truck into 4 wheel drive?!" Well I found a strap to hook to the bumper and hitched it to the Genie and with a little pull it was back on solid ground back in the front yard waiting to be picked up. I'm gonna miss her, it was a long week but my beams look beautiful and the ceiling is ready for a coat of cream paint.They look black but they are really a true Espresso Brown. I mixed 3 parts Walnut to 1 part black with a little glaze to help it go on smoothly. I love 'em!

Now onto the existing vintage kitchen windows and the bookcase I'll be using to hold my white ironstone dishes. Another busy week!

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  1. Tamra, those beams are to die for, how beautiful it will look finished!! I cracked up reading about your weekend, I've always secretly wanted to use one of those sizzor thingeys.



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