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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Gilded Barn Celebrates!

Yes, exciting news here at The Barn.
Our middle daughter Caitlin got engaged this Friday!
We are very excited as we love, love, LOVE her fiance.  He is a wonderful guy. Kind, hardworking, fun, a great cook (private chef), apprecaites a good bottle of wine, and has a dry yet razor sharp sense of humor. Did I mention we love him?

Her morning started with him stopping by with these flowers at 7:00 am.  He told her he had a nice day planned for them and asked her to be ready by 9:00 and then he left.

A quick stop at the bike shop to pick up a few things.  He had bikes loaded, (they love to bike, hike all things outdoors and fun) and then off to the market....

The picked up a few things for a little gourmet picnic lunch
and headed off to San Simeon for the day....
The weather was beautiful!

A little bike riding, and then off to Hearst Castle for a tour.  Caitie said they got there and saw a sign that said "All Tours SOLD OUT".  She said she looked at Tyler and said "Oh no, they're all sold out!" and he just calmly walked up to a representive and said "Excuse me, where do we go for the pre bought tickets?"  Yep he had everything under control, lol.

They toured the grounds and loved every minute.  She said from here they could see where they had parked on the coast and eaten their picnic lunch. 
What an adorable couple!  I'm not even Jewish but when I look at them I hear myself say "Oy, what beautiful grandchildren I'll have!"

One of my favorite pictures.  A beautiful couple in front of a beautiful building!
After Hearst Castle he took her to a beautiful spot that they love to hike to.  It was starting to get dark.  At one spot he turned to her and said "wait 2 minutes and then walk straight ahead".  When she got to a certain spot that she loves in the hike, she could hear the song "Lucky" by Jason Miraz and Coly Calliet playing and then she could see candle lights,  (his mom and dad had gone earlier in the day and lined the path with jars with candles, I KNOW!! SWEET!) She said as she walked further she could see him at the end of the path waiting for her.
She obviously said yes!


Shhhhh! Do you hear that?  "Oy! Such beautiful grandchildren!"


  1. wonderful news, and now you get to plan a wedding!

    (i worked at hearst's castle in wales!)

  2. Meg, what haven't you done? lol



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