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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is there a 12 step program for people like me?

And if there is do I want it?
I am on the 2nd round of unpacking and can't believe the amount of stuff I have accumulated!
Honestly, this table was empty after the last time I posted! The box is full of wineglasses, I guess you can't have too many of those.  I kept digging out silver, ironstone, linens, cookbooks, you name it I kept pulling it out of the box.  At one point I said "Good grief this is bordering on obnoxious! Six silver Champagne buckets is ridiculous! I probably should get rid of some, but then again they make great vases"  To which my daughter Cait exclaimed, "Mom you're just an elegant hoarder!"  We had quite a laugh at the thought of me being on TLC's Hoarders "The Elegant Series". 
The Cowboy hung up my pot rack.  Oh how I have missed my pans!  He made this for me 15 years ago and when he went to hang it it was three inches short of hitting the studs and because of the weight it HAD to be set into the studs.  So off he went, that man of mine, and cut, added a new longer copper pipe and rewelded it to fit the spot.  What a guy!
Are any of you wondering what I was thinking putting the phone right there under where the pans would hang? I am.  Orgionally it was set to be on the other side of the french doors but I thought it would be handier to have it closer to the kitchen so I had the phone guy move it to the other side of the doors.  Now it makes me crazy!  What was I thinking?  Oh well we'll just move it back at a later time.
Two shelves above the counter hold our everyday dishes.  Still trying to figure out where to put the stuff on the counter.
I'm not really happy with the arrangement yet, it feels a  little forced but I'll keep working things around until they fit without feeling squished.
Is it possible to have too much silver? 
This little silver tray with the cut glass dish and wood cutting board inset was a gift from my mom.  She showed up one day after we moved in thrilled that she found it at a garage sale just around the corner from my house for a whopping fifty cents!!  The salt cellars where my great gramma's.  I just love all the little tiny spoons and pickle forks!
Ceramic TV Dinner trays stacked up in the center, Love these!  Wonderful for B-B-Q's, you get the divided plate but classed up a little bit.
The bookcase is already full with ironstone and silver.  Some good friends are remodeling their kitchen and so the Cowboy picked up their old oak cabinets.  Some will be used for kitchen upstairs in Caitie's small kitchenette but the uppers will be perfect for making this into a large "Hutch".  The Cowboy said he will remove the post, add the cabinets and put them on feet and then we can paint it black to match and it will look like an old hutch.  I wasn't sure if the tears in my eyes were because my man is so creative or that I'm just getting more storage.

Round three comin' up.


  1. Tamar
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! for finding me and your wonderful sweet comment. I am going to examine your post every minute I can I am in love with what you have done and you have stolen my heart!!

    I am left inspired by you as well.
    In love with your cowboys part in your design.

  2. I tell you what girl - you got good stuff even if you have alot of it! WONDERFUl taste!!!!

  3. You have awesome stuff! Don't go to the 12 step program! Maybe we could just get a group together and show each other all of our latest treasures. What do you think?


  4. I like how you think Brooke!

  5. You make me laugh !! My husband has threatened to sign me up for the junkers 12 step program...Love all your silver and ironstone and your kitchen is looking fabulous!!


  6. I think Brooke nailed it ..

    girl ... I'm picking up what you're layin' down!!!

    you KNOW me and I love your stuff ... ALOT

  7. Wow, If you ever decide to have a garage sale please call me first. I see lots of things I would love to take home with me. How fun to finally be able to unpack and decorate. Love your kitchen and your collections. I just became your newest follower.
    xo, Sherry

  8. The loveliness continues! You have great collections. I think the divided plates would be awesome for a bbq or casual buffet.



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