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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seriously, Trash to Treasure!

Ok, so many of you know I'm not putting in traditional cabinets into our kitchen, I know I am a crazy woman, (see previous post) anyway I have been scouring for different pieces to redo and use all free standing pieces instead of the usual hum drum cabinetry. A few months ago my mom and dad found a neat little cabinet for ten bucks. I bought it but the wiseguy wouldn't let me take it without the top even though it was junk. I was annoyed but brought it home and used it as a table to work on other projects for the house.
I finished the cabinet and put it into storage, (more on that later) and figured I'd find a good top somewhere. Well I kept looking at that ugly laminate countertop and figured I should be able to do something with it. I mean afterall, I am a decorative artist, people pay me to transform things so why not this sad piece?

Well yesterday I decided a wood top would really finish the cabinet off nicely. So I got out my bag of tricks. I mixed, I slathered, I brushed, I manipulated and played around until I had something I thought would work. Then I put the color on and Voila! A very nice "old wood" counter top. Looks and feels like the real thing. I am so happy with it I still can't believe how good it looks.

I've also finished the "Crown" for over my bathtub.

This is half of a round window frame that I added an ornament to and then properly aged and distressed the whole thing. This frame was also something that some guy forced me to take at a garage sale. I had already bought a bunch of stuff and I saw the two half pieces hanging up on a wall in his garage. I asked him what they were and he grabbed them and and said "oh those are for a round window and I'll never get to it so take them". I said no but he insisted so I did.

Well that'll teach me to whine when forced to take something for free! Ok now on to the claw foot tub!

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