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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yes, it's true.  Sad to say but the Barn is on the market.  I have not posted for some time because I have not had much in the way of positive things to say here at the Barn.  We bought this property in 2006 and not by any fault of our own, entered a battle with the County building and planning (due to incorrect information given to us by a County employee during our due diligence before purchasing the property) and it just seems we go from one fight to the next.  The bank has been a problem from very early on and so now as we sit here almost 7 years later we still do not have a long term loan!  

Because of the banks ridiculous if not criminal behavior we are no longer able to make the payments which is very sad as we do not owe much at all on the property, ($281,000.00) to be exact but because we have a substantial amount of equity the bank has not only not given us the loan they originally promised but have turned down every proposed plan we have  suggested to them because as the representative of their bank told us, "We can take your home and make our money back easily".
I love blogging and I so enjoy all the beautiful blogs that I read and follow and personally I'm not a fan of all the political rants that some people feel necessary to post.  I know things are tough, so I am grateful I was taught to work hard.  I know our government and most politicians are corrupt and do not have the true interest of the people in general at heart or so many of todays problems would be solved simply and quickly with common sense.
What is that saying?  "Common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it the most use it the least".....lol.  So I am not intending for this post to be about Politics or create a debate of our ridiculous and corrupt banking system .  I purely wanted to let anyone who has so kindly followed my blog and sometimes even commented, know just that the reason for the long delay has been only due to the fact I am tired.

Tired of fighting.  Tired of trying to reason with dishonest people and a careless system.  I have mailed letters to our President, Congressmen and  State Representatives who say they won't allow this type of corruption to go on and say there are programs available to help people save their homes as well as News reporters and anyone who I think will be willing to help us keep our home, asking exactly that. Where are these programs?  Why are the banks being allowed to bully innocent hardworking people and take their homes without any repercussion? .   All we we've asked for is a reasonable long term loan.  Instead as soon as our home passed county inspection and was no longer a wasteful piece of property, our bank has continually said no and imposed ridiculous terms setting us up to fail and when we have repeatedly pointed this out it has been met with either laughter or harsh words like "Take it or leave it" or my personal favorite...."As I see it the only hope you have of saving your home is if someone dies or you win the lottery" followed by laughter by the idiot bank representative while we stared wide eyed NOT laughing wondering how this "VP of Loan Workout Specialist" could possibly say such a thing.

Anyway, that's where we're at.  Tired, broke and fed up. My husband is 52, I will be 50 this coming year.  We started this project 7 years ago this February with the well thought out plan that we would be done within 3 years.  7 years later we have a home lacking details, highly unfinished in my opinion, no landscaping, no money, credit tanked and no loan.  

Time to move on.


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